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If you plan to build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) in California, one company you should consider working with is Abodu. This builder specializes in beautiful and functional ADUs that are easily adaptable to fill a wide variety of functions, including tiny house, backyard studio, rental unit, and more.

Let’s take a look at Abodu’s current line. But before we check out their models, we will tell you a little bit more about the company and their pricing.

Company History

Abodu was co-founded by John Geary and Eric McInerney. The team writes, “From our Redwood City and Los Angeles Showrooms, to our concierge service and on-site crew — our team has the breadth of knowledge and experience to let us re-engineer how we do ADUs. And since 2018, we’ve been serving Californians up and down the coast, putting our customers at the centre of that process. Redefining the meaning of ‘home,’ and creating permanent spaces for lives in motion.”

Abodu Prices

Here is a quick breakdown of the pricing for all of the Abodu units:

Abodu Homes
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  • Abodu Studio: Base price: $228,800. Average upgrades: $36,700. Average price: $265,500.
  • Abodu One: Base price: $228,800. Average upgrades: $41,400. Average price: $310,200.   
  • Abodu Two: Base price: $312,800. Average upgrades: $39,700. Average price: $352,500.
  • Abodu Two+: Base price: $392,800. Average upgrades: $55,000. Average price: $447,800.
  • Dwell House: $439,000. Average upgrades: $59,500. Average price: $498,500.

The base price for Abodu homes includes a dedicated project manager, the home itself, pre-approved plans, permit services, a foundation, delivery and installation of the home, and base scope utility connections.

Abodu offers a standard appliance suite, or the chance to opt for premium appliances. You also can select your preferred color options for the siding as well as the stains you want for the flooring to give your home a personalized look and feel. All homes feature tiled glass showers. If you pay a little extra, you can make them curbless.

Abodu Models

Having had a chance to check out the pricing, let’s take a look at each of these custom prefab homes in California.

1. Abodu Studio

Abodu Studio
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This is the smallest and most modest of the Abodu tiny house units. It measures 340 square feet, and has a cozy look and feel inside and out. Large windows in the living room and a cathedral ceiling that slopes up in the main living areas creates an open, airy feel. This sloped roof also helps to shed precipitation, preventing unwanted pooling.

Best For:

Choose this layout to save on costs and enjoy a simple, open studio floor plan that works well as an office or backyard retreat.

2. Abodu One

Abodu One
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If you love the Abodu Studio, but you are looking for a little bit more room, then you might consider the 500 square foot Abodu One model, the company’s flagship model.

The overall configuration of the home is similar, except instead of being a studio, it has a separate bedroom.

500 square feet is a bit larger than most tiny homes, which are typically closer to 300 square feet. So, it still feels “tiny,” yet also surprisingly roomy. In fact, in this home, you will be especially impressed by the dramatic effect of the cathedral ceiling and the huge windows.There is even a panoramic glass door that you can unfold to open up the main living space to the outdoors when you want to enjoy some fresh air.

Best For:

This Abodu ADU is ideal as a home or rental for 1-2 people who only need one bedroom.

2. Abodu Two

Abodu Two
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The Abodu Two adds on a little more than 100 square feet compared to the Abodu One, coming in at 610 square feet in all. Abodu refers to it as the “ADU with opportunity,” as there is a second bedroom that you can use for any number of purposes. Indeed, you could even just use it as a flex space.

This house does not feel tiny, even though it is still much smaller than a traditional full-size home. We actually feel that around this square footage is the “best of both worlds” option when it comes to home sizing. It offers enough space to fulfill your needs and provide you with some privacy, but it is never “too much.”

Best For:

Buy this model if you want a two-bedroom home or rental that is not too big and not too small; it is a Goldilocks home.

3. Abodu Two+

Abodu Two Plus
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Let’s say you like the Abodu Two, but you do not want to share a bathroom. In that case, the model for you is the Abodu Two+.

This model is substantially larger than the Abodu Two, measuring 800 square feet. There are two bedrooms, each measuring 10 feet by 13 feet. There is one ensuite bathroom, and one shared bathroom (of course, you do not have to share it).

By the time you hit 800 square feet, you are not really talking about a tiny house anymore. But this is the ideal small home for those who want to keep their footprint small; it should fit just fine in a lot of backyards.

Best For:

For a larger two-bedroom home or rental with two bathrooms, the Abodu Two+ is ideal.

4. Dwell House

The Dwell House
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We have now explored most of Abodu’s homes, but there is one more intriguing unit left to discuss, and that is the dwell House.

While this is the most expensive house Abodu offers, it is not actually the largest. It measures 540 square feet, and is described as a “curated design” that is “our most premium backyard ADU yet.”

The reason the name of this home is different than the rest of the Abodu series is because to design it, Abodu collaborated with Dwell and Norm Architects.

The appearance of the home from the outside is similar to the others, albeit with a flat roofline. Features inside the home include a bedroom with a full bathroom that is completely private from the main living areas, a full-size kitchen with ample natural light, built-in storage, and a large Nanawall bifold glass wall that lets you open up the main living space to the outdoors.

The details in this home also differ from those in the other Abodu houses. The dwell House features white oak floors, energy-efficient Marvin windows, Bosch appliances, beautiful cabinets with Oxford Gray Ultra Matte finish, wraparound tile in the shower, cedar siding with your choice of a natural or black finish, and custom lighting you can dim to your liking.

Best For:

Get this small dwelling if you want a home or rental packed with premium features.

How to Get an Abodu Home of Your Own

If you are dreaming of owning your own Abodu house after exploring these beautiful models, all you need to do is head over to the Abodu website. To request a custom quote from these California ADU builders, click the link below.