Studio Shed was founded in 2008 and has changed how people think about living spaces. As a national leader in smart, prefabricated backyard structures, the company has solutions for backyard studios, office sheds, shed houses and more.

Company History

Studio Shed was founded in Boulder, Colorado and was a concept in 2006 when two friends began their journey to find a structure to store their mountain bikes. However, nothing met the needs of the friends, who made it their mission to build a simple storage solution for their bikes.

One thing led to another and the concept grew into a full-service design firm for:

  • Backyard buildings
  • Accessory dwelling units (ADUs)
  • Modern garages
  • More


A major focus for Studio Shed is sustainability. The company works diligently to provide a greener future with responsible material sourcing. Lumber is FSC-certified and all windows and doors are made by Marvin, to improve energy efficiency.

Waste is kept to a minimum, with most buildings producing just a single garbage can of waste versus 3.9 pounds of waste per square foot of space, as traditional buildings produce.

Production Process

Your vision comes to life with the help of Studio Shed. All builds start with a free consultation with an advisor who will help you plan out your project. Custom configurations are available. You will need to provide the team with access to the site, respond to key questions and verify that building is possible.

Design coordination is the first step and takes 2+ weeks to complete.

This is when the team will prepare:

  • Elevations
  • Floor plans
  • Site plans

At the end of this phase, you need to approve the design and sign the contract to begin the building process.

Project design will then commence, and this is when a third-party engineer will prepare all of the construction and permit documents. You’ll need to submit all of these documents for permitting approval before the building process can begin.

Multiple payments will be submitted up until this point with the final payment received when the permit is issued.

This is when the exciting part of the process begins.

A project manager will approve your plans, configuration and schedules:

  • Call with installer
  • Shipout timeline
  • Installation

Production on your Studio Shed will begin. Delivery will be scheduled with you and installation will take just 1 – 2 weeks to complete.  A shell installation for a 10×12 building will have an install time of just 2 working days.

Design Center

Studio Shed’s Design Center tool allows you to quickly build your own space, add customizations and determine the price of your build. A multitude of 3D features empower you to:

  • Visualize your space
  • Understand the most important options for you

Buyers have had the company build:

  • Backyard yard granny flat
  • Yoga studios
  • She-sheds
  • Gyms
  • Sheds
  • Workshops
  • Man caves
  • Home office
  • So much more

Studio Shed ADUs

Granny flats or ADUs are available with sizes from 252 – 1000 square feet with pricing options starting from $38,727. Interior packages are available with customers able to choose bathroom fixtures, flooring, multiple kitchen options and unique layouts.

You can browse interior package options and choose one that fits into your budget.

Studio Shed Studios

Two main series of studios are available:

  1. Signature
  2. Portland

The Signature Series has a starting price of $13,861 with square foot ranges of 96 – 240 square feet. The Portland Series starts at $19,520 with square foot options of 120 – 192.

Summit Series

shed homes

Summit Series is part of a turnkey ADU or guest house series. These structures are the ultimate upgrade for any backyard and include the following size options:

  • 14’ x 18’ – 14’ x 34’
  • 16’ x 18’ – 16’ x 38’
  • 18’ x 18’ – 18’ x 42’
  • 20’ x 22’ – 20’ x 50’

Each unit in this series has 2 x 6 framing and a Zip System for weatherproof wall panels. LVL engineered wood roof beams, double-pane windows, FSC certified lumber, HardiePanel fiber cement, 36” fiberglass door and a one-year warranty are included.

Interior packages include R-21 wall insulation and R-30 roof insulation.

Signature Series

prefab office shed

The Signature Series is designed to be the perfect backyard room. The structures are ideal for guest studios, storage space and home office solutions. Quick turnaround times and pre-configuration options are available, too.

Curated models along with their pricing are available.

Models include:

  • $21,202 for the 10’ x 12’ Pagoda Right
  • $23,357 for the 10’ x 12’ Solitude
  • Many others

Signature Series options include sizing of 8’ x 10’ – 8’ x 16’, 10’ x 10’ – 10’ x 20’ and 12’ x 12’ – 12’ x 20’.

All models have 2 x 4 framing, weatherproof wall panels, full length tapered roof, transom windows, double pane windows and a wide range of other options.

Portland Series

studio shed portland series

The Portland Studio Shed is a more expansive version of the Signature Series and comes in multiple size options:

  • 8’ x 12’ – 8’ x 16’
  • 10’ x 12’ – 10’ x 16’
  • 12’ x 12’ – 12’ x 16’
  • 14’ x 14’ – 14’ x 16’
  • 16’ x 16’

All units in this lineup have 2 x 6 framing and also use the Zip System. Rafter beams have ½” weatherproof roof panels, corrugated Galvalume roofing, gable-style double-pane windows, FSC certified lumber and HardiePanel fiber cement.

Once Studio Shed designs your building, it will take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks for the structure to be built and delivered. Permitting can extend this timeline because you’re at the mercy of local zoning.

A fully installed shed with a living area costs about $120 – $180 per square foot.

You have the option of a DIY installation, hiring your own contractor or even working with one of the certified installers in Studio Shed’s network. Certified installers provide you with peace of mind that the contractor knows how to construct your building rapidly.

Financing options are available through Acorn with loan amounts of $100,000 and terms of up to 12 years. You will have the option of checking your rate with Acorn before making a commitment and without a hard credit check.

When discussing your plans with the project manager, they will also discuss typical costs that aren’t included in the Studio Shed base price, such as:

  • Site prep
  • Foundation
  • Electric
  • Plumbing
  • Solar
  • Decking
  • HVAC
  • Permit fees

You will need to consider all these prices to understand the all-in cost of your structure.

Studio Shed plans to open Studio HOME in the near future and will include buildings of up to 4,500+ square feet in size. These structures will use the company’s experience and panelized process to allow for rapid construction of much larger buildings.

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