Zion Eco Cabins

Zion Eco Cabins

Situated just outside Zion National Park, Zion Eco Cabins offers jaw-dropping views and a comfortable, modern space that allows you to enjoy every moment of the ever-changing landscape outdoors.

Inside The Zion Eco Cabin Airbnb

The Zion A-Frame is an A-frame tiny house that blends the indoors and outdoors seamlessly. It’s one of the most popular Zion National Park cabins, offering a unique experience to all guests.

It’s a true A-frame cabin with a very simple construction and interior. The house features a wooden exterior with a metal roof.

While the bedroom is beautiful and compact, one of the four walls is made from 100% glass. Working off of the stunning views, the architect decided to make one of the walls open completely, allowing you to step out of the home and into the fresh air.

Guests can enjoy the fresh air during the day or open up the “wall” at night to walk out of their room and stargaze.

The windowed door stays open using two wooden pillars, which match the exterior to allow for a free-flowing design that simply “works.”

A green metal roof offers a long roof lifespan, lasting 40 – 70 years before needing to be replaced. The green blends perfectly with the green trees in front of the cabin, allowing for a seamless outdoor experience.

The interior bed is facing the exterior wall that opens, empowering occupants to sleep in a true, open-air environment,

Pendulum lighting hangs down from the interior of the Utah A-Frames, which boasts an open beam design concept. If guests do opt to close the “wall,” there’s still a full glass side of the space, allowing occupants to enjoy the views in a warm, toasty space that uses space heaters to heat the interior.

Moving up to the second platform, the architect used stunning wooden stairs with steel railings to reach each platform. Steel railing allows the occupants to see directly through the railings for an uninterrupted view of the sprawling landscape.

In this space, guests can make use of the:

  • Fire pit
  • Chairs
  • Outdoor living room

Right down the last staircase, there’s a heated hot tub where guests can sit back and take in the views on a warm night. The lighted interior offers the perfect ambiance for nature lovers who want to glance up at the stars with a wine glass in their hand.

Guests love this cabin and that you can bring your pet along with you for the duration of your stay.

The Zion A-Frame is one of five total units on the property.

Mindy, the owner of the home, knew that others would love the space and serene views as much as she did. The cabin is on a two-acre lot that has a total of 5 cabins on the property.

Guests enjoy their own:

  • Bathroom
  • Deck
  • Fire pit

Inside the bathroom, there are tall roofs and a stunning standup shower made of full glass. Black tiles add to the ambiance of the space and are “completed” with transom windows. The windows sit right above the shower, ensuring natural light can flood the space while also maximizing the occupant’s privacy.

When showering, guests can look out of the windows and glance up at the peaks of the mountains.

Zion Eco Cabins may have five units on the property, but all of them are unshared spaces. Guests can look out at the sprawling, untouched public lands away from the hustle and bustle of life.

The open-air concept is featured in all Zion Eco Cabins.

One of the world’s most beloved Utah A-frames, Zion Eco Cabins allows guests to book their stay in the cabin through Airbnb and relax in nature with one of the best views of Zion National Park.