Skara House

Skara Prefab House

The Skara prefab is a stunning two-bedroom home that requires six months to complete 64.4 square meters of space.

The home comes in three main configurations:

  • Standard
  • Comfort
  • Premium

Each configuration features lining board exteriors and interiors (or plasterboard), class 33 laminated flooring and vinyl coating options in the bathroom. Balex metal roofs are chosen for each model, along with a dense, timber frame.

The main differences between models are seen in the home’s energy-efficiency, such as 150 mm wall insulation in the Standard, 200mm wall insulation in the Comfort and 250mm wall insulation in the Premium.

Double-glazed aluminum windows are in the Standard model, while triple-glazed are used in the Comfort and Premium. If you opt for a Premium build, you’ll also receive all kitchen furniture and appliances.

The home boasts:

  • Large, vaulted ceilings
  • Walled windows
  • Stunning walk-in shower
  • Pendant lighting
  • 2 bedroom design

Large windows throughout the home offer beautiful views of the natural landscape, perfect for remote locations.