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Self Powered Home by Cosmic Buildings

Climate change is having a devastating effect on our planet, and we are nowhere near on track for reining it in. Cosmic Buildings, Inc. is an innovative company that is developing self-powered tiny houses to help combat climate change.

What is a Cosmic ADU Self-Powered Home?

A Cosmic ADU self-powered home is a tiny building that can serve as a home, backyard office, shed, guest house, or flex space. The house produces more energy than it consumes, making it truly net zero.

This revolution in home design is sorely overdue. Cosmic founder Sasha Jokic says, “Homes count for roughly 45% of all the U.S CO2 emissions, with the vast majority of those emissions (87%) attributed to fossil fuel-fired heating, cooling, and hot water.”

By changing the way we build, we can change the way we live. That is the aim of the Cosmic ADU.

How Does It Work?

cosmic buildings

Here is how the Cosmic ADU produces clean energy:

  • Solar panels are built into the roof to absorb energy.
  • Integrated hybrid batteries store the energy.
  • A heat pump functions as an energy-efficient alternative to conventional HVAC.
  • The air is filtered by an intelligent ERV system.

It can be expensive and challenging to implement solar solutions into existing homes. Being able to buy a tiny home that already has these features built in is a big deal.

Additionally, the materials used to construct the Cosmic One are sourced sustainably. Since all the materials are natural, they are also healthy for occupants.

Efficient Modular Construction

Not only does Cosmic strive toward sustainability with its materials, but it also works to make the process of developing and constructing its ADUs as efficient as possible.

Usually, when a builder goes to create a new home design, they begin more or less from the ground up. Even if they take elements from other projects, they need to handle a lot from scratch.

Cosmic’s approach is different. The company has created an “autonomous-powered home platform,” which it describes as a “next-generation modular construction system.” Basically, the chassis has all the basic systems for living integrated, but it is also modular in nature. It can be expanded or reduced in size. But the underlying system does not need to be redesigned each time.

That means that at present, while there are just two models of Cosmic self-powered home ADUs available, it makes sense that we could expect many more in the future. It also means that multiple sizes or configurations are possible for the existing layouts.

Key Benefits of Cosmic Buildings

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Here are a few reasons to consider getting a Cosmic ADU self-powered home:

  • Eco-friendly. You can do your part to reduce emissions and help fight climate change and global warming by living in a self-powered home.
  • Cost-effective. By harvesting energy from the sun instead of from the grid, you can say goodbye to your electrical bill. Think just how much that could add up to in terms of savings over the many years you live in your Cosmic tiny house.
  • Off-the-grid. The self-powered technology in a Cosmic ADU allows you to remove yourself from the grid. Not only does this give you more flexibility as to where you place your home, but it also reduces your reliance on outside electricity. If there are blackouts, you can continue to use your appliances as you always do.
  • Beautiful. The modern aesthetics of Cosmic ADU homes should suit many tastes.
  • Flexible. The versatility of these tiny house layouts makes them ideal for a wide range of lots and use cases.

Cosmic ADU Self-Powered Home Layouts

Now that you have had a chance to discover the home power generation tech Comic uses to produce more energy than their homes consume, you are ready to take a look at the models available.

Cosmic One

Cosmic One ADU home

For fulltime living, you are going to want to check out the Cosmic One, which gives you a minimum of 450 square feet (Arch Daily states there is a version of the Cosmic One that measures 700 square feet and includes two bedrooms) of living space along with a terrace roof.

The floor plan is modern and open, featuring a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Sustainably-sourced wood inside and out makes for a warm, inviting look and feel. Huge windows spanning the entirety of one wall in the living room ensure natural light and views. The terrace roof is fully integrated into the living space with an interior staircase leading up to it. It is in no way an afterthought.

Cosmic Studio

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At 350 square feet, the Cosmic Studio is smaller than the Cosmic One, but it is also an entirely viable option for full-time living. Between the two models, this is the one that would work best for a backyard retreat, office, studio or guest house, however.

As with Cosmic One, you can apparently reconfigure the home based on your custom requirements. Once again, it features a beautiful open floor plan. There are no bedrooms listed, just a living room, dining room and bathroom, but you could conceivably still sleep in it. There is also a raised deck to provide you with some outdoor living space.