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Steel X Homes | Florida Modern Net Zero Prefabs

Steel homes are quicker, easier and cheaper to build than conventional stick-built homes. But they’re also more durable and virtually maintenance-free. While there are many steel home builders across Florida and the U.S., Steel X Homes stands out in the crowd.

In addition to their Net Zero home solutions, Steel X also offers the one thing that every Floridian needs: a hurricane-proof home.

Steel X Homes Future X Technology and Advancements

X Homes are designed to be unprecedented. Strong and durable, the XF series of homes focus on the future. Modern steel homes are strong, but very few are XF series strong. The company aims to refine homes in a few ways:

Net Zero

Homes of today shouldn’t be reliant on the power grid to keep the home functioning properly. Net zero homes produce more, or enough, electricity throughout the year to power the home. In the event of a natural disaster or a blackout, these homes will remain a safe haven for their occupants.

Achieving net zero is done through:

  • Architectural designs that focus on energy efficiency first
  • Insulation that keeps the structure sealed tight
  • Windows and doors that trap in air
  • Appliances and lighting that are specifically designed for energy efficiency
  • Top-of-the-line building practices

X Homes offers net zero buildings that save 50% to 70% of energy. If conditions are not ideal for producing energy using solar, the grid will offer the energy required to operate the structure.

Steel Strong

X Homes uses galvanized stainless steel, never compromises on quality and makes the structure hurricane proof. On top of this, the structure is insect and rot proof, resistant to mold and fires and even earthquake-proof.

Precision Design

Advanced steel construction is used in all homes to:

  • Minimize waste
  • Offer straight walls
  • Provide dimension stability

But precision doesn’t mean the speed of construction is slow. Structures, including interior and exterior walls, trusses and foundation, are constructed quickly. A zero steel waste design is in place, along with cost-efficient construction and an environmentally friendly design.

Ferro Cement

Steel X Homes use Ferro cement due to the material’s high durability, waterproof properties and crack resistant materials. The cement is unrivaled when it comes to natural disaster resistance.

The structures are both earthquake and hurricane proof.

Ferro cement provides a strong vapor barrier, and it’s fireproof and waterproof.

High-end Materials

Energy efficiency is the cornerstone of the X Homes methodology. The large designer windows are energy efficient, low E-rated and use dual-pane impact glass.

Flashing uses a completely waterproof solution, with a secure and safe installation. Insulation is energy efficient, offers great sound blocking, protects against allergens and pollen, prevents mildew and mold, and doesn’t break, bunch or sag.

The HVAC system is entirely ductless, offers multi-zone control and eliminates pollutants, dust and other allergens. On top of this, your home also comes with a monitoring system that you can tap into right on your smartphone.

Monitoring allows complete management of your home and provides insights into:

  • What’s up and on
  • Solar system production
  • Energy leaks

The home’s hybrid design also includes a unique home water heater that’s efficient, manageable via a smartphone and can even be set on vacation or away mode.

Interior Components

The Future X homes include advanced LED lighting, and cabinets are Italian-inspired and handmade in the United States. Cabinets are resistant to wear, fading, scratches, abrasions, high temperatures, water and moisture.

Automation is integral in the home’s design, with an in-home system that offers remote lock management, information reports, lighting control and even home security.

When you choose Steel X Homes for your next big project, the home comes with a 10-year warranty. Financing is available, with lot and construction financing combined as well as a one-time close.

Models available include options of 1,500 sq. ft. to 9,000 sq. ft.

Custom Metal Homes in Florida – The Solution For Your Innovative Project

Solar X Homes in Florida

At Steel X Homes, the customer is the boss. The company offers custom steel modular homes designed to meet your needs and budget.

Steel X Homes will build on your lot, or their lot. They have thousands of lots throughout Florida.

Every home from Steel X Homes comes with the following:

  •  A solar system (a standard feature in every home) that generates as much energy as the home needs.
  • Battery backup for the solar system ensures that you have power even when there’s a power outage.
  • An energy monitoring system that allows you to track, visualize, record and customize your home’s energy consumption.
  • Variable speed HVAC systems that perform at 22 SEER or higher.
  • Hybrid water heaters that use 80% less energy than conventional water heaters.
  • LED lighting that’s energy-efficient and long-lasting.
  • Home automation system to reduce power consumption using GEO Fence technology.
  • Energy-efficient doors and windows.

You can take a virtual tour of their model homes online, but custom homes are always an option with Steel X.

If you’re not sure where to start with a custom design, the company also offers a variety of floor plans. You can use these plans as-is or customize them to your liking.

Home sizes range from 1,200 square feet to more than 9,000 square feet, so there’s a solution for every buyer.

Steel X Homes are Net Zero, hurricane proof and built using precision technology. With custom solutions, a variety of floorplans and the ability to build on your lot or theirs, Steel X Homes makes it easy for Floridians to build the metal home of their dreams.